Who are we? (Our Story)

Telecom Africa Publishers is an Independent Online and Print Business Directory Publisher, established in 2011, in central Pretoria.  We have a strong belief the honest and meaningful convocations could enable brands to participate in communities, build trust and ultimately help create better products, services and experiences.

The directory employed personnel that he believed shared the same vision for the company. He worked closely with the team and as a body; they became collaborators and instigators and turned ideas into things that exhilarate and motivate everyone they touch.

Our Goal

Like any Publication, Telecom Africa Publishers wants to be at the fore front of the advertising industry. We hope to achieve this and become Southern Africa’s number 1 publication in the near future.

Products & Companies

At Telecom Africa Publishers, we feel that we are a bunch of very creative people and like to think out the box. We show our creativity and new way of thinking through our online adverts.

Why are we so successful?

We’re a new type of agency that combines an innate understanding of social media with digital, PR, ad marketing skills. We also believe that technology is as important as great ideas. Therefore we make work that cuts through, resulting in creativity and technology functioning as one.